Best time to sell?

Here's Forbes Magazine's opinion on the best time to sell:

You've got to open an additional link to get to the San Francisco opinion, but it's just one agent's opinion which is kind of generic and can be summarized as "sell when the broker tells you to". But one valid point that most of us realize is that weather/season's isn't much of a factor in San Francisco compared to most other parts of the country. Additionally, our city tends NOT to be influenced as heavily by families who'd rather buy when they're kids are out of school - making the the summer season just another season. The best time to sell in San Francisco? Probably mid-January through June. The summer is OK, the early Fall is OK, just don't do it during the holidays.

Is right now a good time to sell? Well, buyers are afraid of the bubble, and seller's still think they can demand any price they want. So if you're a realistic seller, who listens to the comparable property report your agent prepares for you, as well as his/her pricing strategy, then YES, it is a good time to sell. If you want 30 offers, and $100,000 more than your place is really worth, then you'll need a time machine back to 2004 or mid-2005. That's old news, and any agent who promises you anything remotely like that is "buying" your listing - see my last Blog for more on that.

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