Why Read this Blog - helping Buyers & Sellers one San Francisco home at a time

Today I'm changing my blog to dedicate it to all San Franciscans thinking about buying or selling a home within the city. The goal - to give lots of information, whether it's market stats, tricks to buying for less, and tips for selling for more, and so on.

Given the high expense of San Francisco real estate, every decision is that much more difficult and important, and it's my belief that the more information Buyers & Sellers have, the better. As an agent I deliver a huge amount of information to my clients. I also give them access to the best tools I can find. For example, CleanOffer.com is the best search tool for home buyers, but it requires a $500+ annual subscription by an Agent for a Buyer to get access to it. I was not only one of the first to subscribe, I was also one of their beta testers. In another year or so my guess is that most agents in the city will be subscribers, but by that time I'll be on to the next best thing for my clients... always trying to give my clients an edge.... the same kind of edge I'll be trying to blog over to you for free just for showing up to this site. Enjoy, and let me know what you'd like to hear about at any time.


Rob Regan

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