Single in San Francisco - #1 per Forbes

If you're an out of towner thinking of moving to San Francisco... Forbes Magazine is naming us the #1 "Best City for Singles". They are including Oakland as part of the San Francisco area, so instead of about 800,000 people they list a population of 2.5 million with 34% being single.

San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newson, is newly divorced so Forbes lists him as the "Most Eligible Bachelor". With all of the "Google Millionaires" around here, they are ranking Marissa Mayer who is only 32 and a highly paid VP at the company.

San Francisco also ranks #2 in "Night Life" behind New York City, and #1 in "Culture". And while we're 20th in affordability, we're #1 in "starting salaries". If you're interested in searching for homes, you can contact me, or start your search via www.SF-MLS-Search.com - and wonderful Map-based service.

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