Things to do in San Francisco

We're an interesting town... but how do you find out about what's available to do and see when you're not in the "know"? Well, there are two places to get almost anything you need online... Google and Craigslist. In this case, check out Craigslist's "events" calendar.

This is the link for Sunday September 30th

From there you can click on the "next day" or "previous day" links, or re-write the date within the URL... "20070930" stands for the year 2007, the month of September, and the 30th day of the month. So if you're reading this on October 1st replace 20070930 with 20071001 (got it? 2007 then 10 then 01)

Some interesting things to do this Sunday include:
The Improv Alliance's list of comdedy and improv events found here
The Fort Mason Blue's Festival found here
The World Vegetarian Festival in Golden Gate Park found here
A post from the prisoners at San Quentin who have a Flag Football team - and they are looking for non-prisoner competition. Don't laugh, I've played baseball there against the prisoners... they are incredibly friendly and nice to you because they want you to come back. Here's that link.

And for those really not familiar with San Francisco, watch out tomorrow (Friday) during the evening commute for "Critical Mass". The unruly hooligan bicyclists who block traffic for several hours in and around downtown, North Beach, the Financial District, etc. Avoid the area at all costs if you have any hope of getting home to your children and loved ones after a long week at work. These folks don't care about you, because most don't appear to have jobs or kids. Critical Mass happens the last Friday of every month, so don't have a medical emergency or a pressing need then in the downtown area. You won't get out for a while, and if you try you're likely to be attacked as one woman with a car full of children recently was. We're a liberal town... but this is one that too often goes too far... so you're best bet is to stay away.

On a lighter note.... next weekend is Fleet Week. On Saturday there is a parade of ships followed by the Blue Angels air show, and a fuller air show on Sunday. Marina Blvd, Chrissy Field, and just about every roof top in the city will be packed for this annual event.

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