Donald Trump says it's time to buy

I came across a CNN hour long interview of Donald Trump... and besides finally discovering that, yes, it is his real hair... but a comb over... so yes, he's bald with foot long hair combed backwards... I agreed with virtually everything he said about the current market.

Firstly, he thinks we're near the bottom, and it's about 6 months before it's totally bottomed out.

Secondly, he thinks it's time to buy. Yes, some markets will still go lower, but there it doesn't take much effort to find amazing bargains in any market that's taken a hit.

Third, New York City has done nothing but go up. It's a unique market. And while he didn't say this about San Francisco... San Francisco didn't come up... the same applies. If you've read my posts, you know I think there's a market within the market here in SF. Actually, there are several... many even... markets within San Francisco. If you want to be in the nicer neighborhoods, with proximity to restaurants, parks, or the Bay... you're gonna pay.

The #1 Selling season is almost here... it can start as early as January... but it's always strongest from March through June. If you're a Buyer, you'll have a lot to choose from, but probably a lot of competition. If you're a Seller, the Buyers come out in droves this time of year. Be sure to paint, clean and Stage your home to set yourself apart. And call me to get your home marketed right!!!

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