REO's in San Francisco - Condos - Feb '09

Searching for REO's (Real Estate Owned by Banks) in San Francisco, make this your stop. The SFisHOME Real Estate Group team keeps track of all San Francisco REO's.

Click here for a list of all available Condos, TICs, Lofts and Coops that are listed as REO's in the San Francisco MLS as of February 8th 2009.

Please note the above link is good for 30 days. Please look for a more recent San Francisco REO post at the top of this blog, or contact the SFisHOME Real Estate Group at 1-415-366-8218 or info AT sfishome DOT com if you'd like the newest properties.

If you are wondering about other foreclosure opportunities, we can also access all MLS listed Short Sales in San Francisco, where the bank has to agree to take a loss to enable a Seller to sell when they owe more than the property is worth. Finally, there are auctions at City Hall at 400 Van Ness. I recommend PropertyShark for a free way to keep track of Notices of Default and upcoming auctions. Of course to get addresses they have a pay-for service.

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