Single Family home Short Sales in San Francisco

Single Family Homes continue to far outpace Condos in the Short Sale category according to the San Francisco MLS. As I just wrote there were 46 apartments short sales, but this report shows 86 Home short sales.

The 86 is up from 54 on Sept 1st 2008. Once again, there are a smattering in prime locations, at least in terms of sections of the city like the 2 in Cow Hollow. However, upon closer look 2243 Greenwich is next door to a fire station and is pretty hideous, and 2621 Lombard is "highway 101" just as it turns towards the Golden Gate Bridge on ramp.

56 of the 86 are in "District 10" or the southern most part of the City that has been hardest hit by price drops. This district include the Excelsior where yesterday's CBS TV news reported on a home that received 40 offers. So the low prices appear to be attracting a ton of interest, potentially marking a bottom in the local market.

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