October Sales Data - results just in

San Francisco's market was down 0.9% from this October compared to October 2005. This according to DataQuick News.

But looking back to September's report, San Francisco Median Homes prices are up 3.35% in October over September.

This led me to look even closer, and it's very interesting. In 2005 prices peaked in July & October at $776k and $778k respectively (this is new and resale homes & condos per DataQuick). Then prices dropped, as they always seem to do November through February, and caught back up to the prices of 2005 from March through October of this year. The bottom line is that prices are mostly flat in a long term trend (well, a 10 month trend).

Here's the chart I created from the DataQuick reports:

You can see that earlier this year was well above early last year, whereas more recent months roughly match 2005's performance.

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