San Francisco prices up

According to DataQuest home prices were up 8.4% over this time last year in San Francisco. The Bay Area as a whole was up 3.4%. Solano and Sonoma Counties continue to suffer... if you're looking for "deals" those are the counties to visit. In San Francisco these statistics are "old news" to those of us with feet on the street. In fact, we're now in the summer slow down. In April & May the market was very hot with a lot of multiple offers and fast sales.

If you read my older posts you'll see I had been predicting this market for the past year or so. With interest rates remaining low, and still many all-cash or high-cash offers here, and virtually no such thing as a San Francisco foreclosure, the San Francisco market is strong and steady.

Buyers have come to discover that there are few places as beautiful as San Francisco, and within the city, there are some neighborhoods that are more desirable than others. And in those areas, you pay a premium if you want to own your home. If you'd like to know more about what makes one area more desirable over another, give me a call or drop me and email. I can explain fog lines, which neighborhoods have the best restaurants and shopping, the best views, and so on.

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