"Stale" Condo report

These are all the "Condos" they have been listed for sale since April 10th... roughly 90 days.

Condos - 90 days

Again, please use SF-MLS-Search.com to find more details... and for tax info or past sales you might find more info at PropertyShark.com or Zillow.com.

Of course I'm also happy to receive an email from you (if you don't have another Agent who can do the same for you) with the Listing number or the property address, and I'll reply back with the "Detail" report and as much other information as I can find.

Don't forget, you can set up an Email Alert service to get NEW listings sent to you that match your criteria. There are 3 services that do that - exclusively in San Francisco. These three are:

CleanOffer.com (you must enter my name to get access: Rob Regan)

Each has it's own unique benefits.... and all are FREE!!!!

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  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I use PropertyShark for most of my listing details, rather than jumping from site to site, they have a lot of deep info there.