Avoid Mortgage Rip offs

A new book Mortgage Ripoffs and Money Saverswill be a must read for every home Buyer, Seller and Realtor in the country... and it may be one Lenders and Mortgage Brokers should read too.

As a Realtor I've been confounded and confused by the numerous and odd charges listed on my clients Closing Statements... if I'm confused, imagine how my clients felt. I even had one client who got "ripped off" by a "friend" when they bought, and due to the massive pre-payment penalty they also got ripped off when they sold. This Broker was so bad his negligence probably cost my clients a home that they were the highest bidder on, then stuck them with a terrible loan. I'm convinced this "friend" was a rookie who didn't know any better... but imagine if a "friend" could cost you that much, how much an unscruplous lender could get away with?

After reading Bob Bruss' review of Carolyn Warren's book... and then seeing on Amazon.com that 21 out of 21 reviewers gave the book a 5-star rating (I've never seen a 100% rating and I order and review tons of books on Amazon) I had to get it myself.

For $12.21 on Amazon (cheaper if you buy used)... this is a MUST READ whether you're Buying or Selling today or 10 years from now.

Order it by clicking here: Mortgage Ripoffs and Money Savers: An Industry Insider Explains How to Save Thousands on Your Mortgage or Re-Fi or I'll provide another link at the end. In fact... if you know anyone thinking of Buying or Selling... order extras... this book as a gift will make you a friend for life!!!

As Bob Bruss states... "this (book) is vastly different because it reveals the insider secrets even many mortgage professionals don't know." This will be required reading for everyone of my clients from now on... I'll be ordering in bulk and handing out free copies whenever they let me know they are "getting ready" or "getting serious". Finally... my clients and I can rest easy... saving hundreds... and YES... THOUSANDS of dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars in rip offs.
Order it now... or please do contact me if you're thinking of Buying or Selling... and I'll hand deliver a copy when we meet.

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