Stale listings report - Single Family's over 90 days

"Deals" are rare in San Francisco... even our slow markets would be consider "Seller's Markets" in most of the rest of the country... but there are ways to find deals. The simplest one is to focus on "stale" listings... those properties that have been on the market for at least 60 days...

This report is for Single Family Homes of any size and price range throughout San Francisco that have been on the market since at least April 10th... roughly 90 days.

SFR Report - 90 Days

Since there are 78 homes listed I can't provide the "Detail" report which has extra photos. So I have two recommendations for getting full details. First - visit the #1 MLS search site... SF-MLS-Search.com and enter the Listing Numer or find it using the Map. Or, feel free to email me with the Listing Number or the property address and I'll reply back with the "Detail" report. Please track down my email at www.RobRegan.com(I'm trying to avoid spam by not spelling out my address).

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