Granite in your San Francisco condo?

Got Granite? I do, as of this past week as part of a kitchen remodel. I missed the radon hub bub prior to my purchase and not one vendor bothered to bring it up. So.... am I concerned? And should you?

Well, I found this site, Radon.com, pretty interesting. They'd like to sell you Radon testing kits, yet seem to be saying that you don't have much to worry about - at least from your Granite counter top. The soil under your home is apparently the #1 culprit of Radon emissions in homes.

But... should you choose "engineered stone" over granite just to be on the safe side? Right now it's a matter of personal choice... engineered stone is for those who want a more consistent look. Granite is natural, and therefore imperfect.

For me... if Granite were really that bad, wouldn't we have heard about it well before granite counters became so popular? Wouldn't we have heard about massive cancer rates of towns built over granite? Wouldn't people avoid going to Yosemite to avoid the granite Half Dome??

I've got granite - do you?

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