San Francisco MLS adds REO & Short Sale feature

San Francisco's MLS has a new search that allows Realtors to find all REO properties. REO stands for "Real Estate Owned" by a Bank. So this is post-foreclosure... no one bought the home at Auction, and to try to get it off their books the bank hired a Real Estate agent to list and sell it.

This MLS search feature is currently only available to Realtors, but you can ask your favorite Realtor to run an up to date report for you, or check out today's reports below.

Throughout the City & County of San Francisco, as of today, August 31st, there are only 30 REO listings for Single Family Homes. Click here to see the list of all 30 homes.

In case you are wondering, there are 564 other homes for sale, so 5% of all San Francisco home listings are REO's. Additionally, you'll see if you Click Here that the REO homes are largely concentrated in the southern parts of the city. So if mainstream media got a hold of this they'd splash across the pages that 5% of all Homes for sale in San Francisco are bank owned, but in the markets I work in, there are none. The bubble has not hit the majority of San Francisco, and if you scroll down a bit you'll see the "Marina Update" as a recent example of just how hot our market remains.

Meanwhile, there are only 14 Condos or Lofts that are listed REO sales and another 548 that are on the market or only 2.5% of all condos & lofts for sale. Click here for the list of 14 Condos. And once again, most of the Condo/Loft REO's in San Francisco are in the southern neighborhoods - click here for the Map Report. Where you seen the green plus sign is an indication of multiple REO's in the same building.

If you'd like an automated search set up for REO or short sale listings, use the Automated-HomeFinder.com service found as a button below.

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