Craigslist Apartments via Map

Using a Map UI to find apartments on Craigslist in San Francisco and everywhere else Craiglist is used.
First there was SFRentStats at http://mullinslab2.ucsf.edu/SFrentstats/ but it is only in San Francisco. Now there's PadMapper.com. It's got an "embed" feature so I'm embeded the San Francisco search below. Have at it:

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  1. Also try these craigslist tools:
    www.craigslistchecker.com where you can track a single item you'd like to buy/find and have email alerts set up. www.craigstoolbox.com for a more robust search. And a mobile phone app for craigslist at www.apptism.com/apps/craigly

  2. Hi, thanks for writing about PadMapper! (and good usage of PadMapper's embed)

    You can also set up email alerts to let you know when new apartment listings that match your filter settings show up.

    If you have any feedback, please let me know (padmapper@gmail.com).