"Green" moving boxes

"Green" moving boxes - moving in San Francisco? Make it green.

Interesting concept from a new San Francisco based company called Zippgo. Use re-usable plastic boxes for your move, therefore keeping from using one-time cardboard boxes.

I have some questions on how "green" this concept really is including:
1. are the boxes themselves made from recycled plastic - I'd hate to see them eventually go into landfill - and while they say they can be used 400 times vs. cardboard's once or twice - which is better if it isn't recycled plastic? (update: "the boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic" per the owner)

2. these boxes must be cleaned between uses. What is the environmental impact of cleaning them 400 times before they can't be used any more vs. discarding cardboard boxes? Fact - taking your car to a car wash is much more environmentally friendly then washing your own car. Why? They re-use their water and are economical in how much water and soap they use per car vs. an individual. So, how much water/soap for "green" boxes vs. impact of discarding cardboard?

3. they drop off and pick up - that's gas and emissions from a truck. I'll probably assume this is a non- issue since you would need to pick up cardboard boxes too, and then they get picked up and sent to landfill. (update - "we deliver the boxes using trucks powered by biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil" per owner)

I like the concept - but what's the true environmental impact?
(update - so far so good on the answers to our questions)

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  1. Thanks for the excellent post on ZippGo. You asked some great questions. The motivation for launching ZippGo came from my own experience using cardboard moving boxes during my own move. I realized what a waste it was to use a box made from a tree that after one use will likely end up in a landfill. These are the answers to your questions.

    1) ZippGo boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic. We reuse our boxes nearly 500 times before we grind them up and make new boxes. Every ZippGo Reusable Moving Box saves 8 trees, 30 gallons of air pollution, and 20,000 kilowatts of energy over its lifetime. Why does anyone use a cardboard box with planet saving stats like that? :)

    2) After each use, we use a combination of high pressure air, an earth friendly organic cleaner to sanitize our moving boxes, and as little water as possible to keep our boxes clean for future deliveries.

    3) We deliver and pickup ZippGo boxes using trucks powered by biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil. Biodiesel has lower emissions which are far better for our planet. We buy our biodiesel at local stations like Autotopia in San Mateo and Dogpatch Biofuels in San Francisco.

    Using ZippGo boxes save time because the packing process is up to 4 times faster. It saves money because renting ZippGo boxes is cheaper than the total cost of buying and assembling cardboard boxes. ZippGo reusable moving boxes are better for the planet because they can be used hundreds of times, don't require trees to be cut, and prevent cardboard boxes from filling up our landfills.

    The response from our customers has been phenomenal. People love how much ZippGo boxes simplify their move.


    Ash Sud
    Founder | ZippGo
    The Green Moving Box
    (800) 723-7017