Penthouse 1B at The Watermark - REO update

San Francisco's "Watermark" at 501 Beale St. Penthouse 1B, a banked owned REO listed at $893,475 just went into contract.

Video walk through.

I just heard from the Listing Agent that the Bank accepted an offer. No change yet on the MLS. er, now "Pending" as of Jan 22, 2010. Nor No info on who bought it, or the purchase price. (yet - stay tuned)
    Some fun facts about this listing:
  • an out of area Agent based in the East Bay

  • They enter this condo into the MLS as a Single Family home

  • Only have 1 really bad photo of the exterior

  • Listed as not having parking

  • No mention of the Condo's best feature - a large balcony off the living room with pano views

It's a wonder anyone found this listing and that they got an offer.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Can you (a) note the price and (b) give a link to the actual listing?

  2. Good catch - the link to the listing is now at the top of the post. Asking was $893k and no word on the purchase price - figure 30 days give or take before we'll get that info.